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I’ve known John Ware for more than 20 years. When he worked for Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s, I was employed by a rival electronics manufacturer in more or less the same capacity. I wanted to write a note recommending John to anyone who is considering working with him because he was considered within the top tier of all Operations executives working there at the time.

However, one situation stands out as something I had never seen before or since; in 1995, many electronics manufacturers experienced a debilitating shortage of electronic components such capacitors, resistors and other similar parts. Long story short: the worldwide shortage was caused by a shortage of a special clay compound that could only be mined in several countries in central Asia, like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, among others. Even now, I wasn’t sure about why there was a shortage except that it was something political – the leaders of those countries were holding the clay compound hostage for economic reasons.

Anyway, all that didn’t matter. John was traveling somewhere in the Middle East at the time. Some of the Supply Chain and Materials executives in Silicon Valley at the time were working together in a consortium to try to get this material so the component manufacturers could do their thing. John, being part of our group, volunteered to fly to Uzbekistan to see if he could help. He said he could interrupt what he was doing for a few days to try to solve the problem.

Well, somehow John was able to free up several tons of this clay compound for our use. I don’t know how he did it or what he said to those people but I want to go on record to say I was really impressed on the fact that he would take it upon himself to try to rectify a problem such as this.

John went on to distinguish himself with Sun Microsystems and nVidia Corp before he started running his own companies. If John is anything else, he’s a problem solver of the highest level. He is Lean and Six Sigma certified at the highest level for those disciplines.

I’ve been in contact with him from time to time and, all I can say is, if I was running a business, I would want John working along side me in any capacity I could find for him.

– Jason D., President


Carpet and Flooring

This is my personal recommendation for any business owner who is experiencing trouble in his business to use the services of John Ware.

John contacted me at a time when I was, frankly, in a state of denial about the operation of my business. Our sales were flagging and, as a result, our operating cash flow was spotty. That soon affected our ability to keep our accounts payable up to date. When all these things happened, I seemed to lose my focus on the rest of the business. As you probably can guess, our receivables weren’t monitored effectively and it seemed like nothing was going right.

I had had consultants in a couple of years before – but it didn’t seem like they helped all that much. Although they identified some problem areas, they didn’t have a method for keeping us on track. So we slowly drifted back to old habits.

I’ll say this for John: he is unique. I’ve never met someone with not only so much experience and expertise, but he genuinely listened and demonstrated empathy for me and my staff. His methods to not only fix and repair what we were doing wrong were strong and effective, the way he trained and educated us was the real key.

Here’s the main thing: he makes time for us for refresher training and education, especially when new key employees are hired. And he’s been back twice just because I asked him to. Amazing.

Even if you’re not in dire trouble or even if you think your company is doing OK, you owe yourself to contact him if for nothing else to have his opinion on how you’re operating.

Very Respectfully,



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