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Why Did We Start This Company? Why Now?

When I decided to start a new consulting business, I knew we wanted to be perceived differently than a standard business consulting firm. More to the point, I wanted certain principles and beliefs to be the bedrock and guiding light of the business. After over 40 years’ of business experience – including owning and operating two other highly successful and profitable companies – I think I’ve developed a keen sense of what makes business go; I call it “the business of business.”

Ever since Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder” was released in 2012, I have been fascinated with the concept of not only making things stronger and more resilient but, more importantly, why do some things get stronger and more resilient, even when faced with adversity? To take it a step further (and, thus, to apply it to business), why do some companies not only survive threats to their business, but thrive on them, while other seemingly equal and similar companies wither and/or may not survive because of them?

I believe our methodology of helping business owners is unique. Incorporating the “Antifragile” premise across all aspects of the business, we bring to bear other tried and true “best practices” utilized within companies large and small, no matter what kind of product or service they sell, within any locale. We don’t just solve problems and give the owner or CEO a stock “How To” manual at the end of our tenure. Applying a totally “hands-on” approach, we help them identify and analyze their problems, address the underlying causes and catalysts, then resolve them – all the while addressing the business behaviors that either got them into their current predicament, or kept them from addressing it.

Every business has unique factors inherent to it, although there are common causalities that affect and afflict most of them. Too often, the business owner can’t or won’t address them, for many reasons far too numerous to outline here. Suffice to say that, by applying our experience and expertise, we can not only “right the ship,” but keep it sailing in a positive direction…and give it the tools to grow and prosper from there.

Instead of perceiving us as consultants, think of us as a combination “Virtual Sales-Finance-Operations-Administration” team capable of leading, managing and growing any aspect of your business. We operate seamlessly, transparently and organically – so that you can still run your company while we address your issues.

Let us help your business be the best business it can be.

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